Naigaon Salanga Parisar Sarvajanik Ganeshostav Mandal

Dadar - Mumbai

It was Lokmanya Tilak who popularized “Ganesh Chaturthi” as a national festival. The reason for this was to enhance the sense of belongingness as well as togetherness among the people. In 1930 need to congregate Hindu people had been increased to such extent that Mr. Govardhandas Gokuldas Morarji established the “Naigaon Salanga Parisar Sarvajanik Ganeshostav Mandal”. Mr. Morarji was owner of Morachi wadi (Naigaon, Dadar) who wanted to spread the importance of culture and togetherness in citizens. Mr. Morarji established his first Mandal (committee) with 26 members headed by himself with the help of Mr. Jairam Seth Dayal Dosa and some important citizens like Mr. Mahadev Ramchandra Pawar (MLA), Mr. Vishvanath Dhondu Kambale, Mr. Ramchandra Gopinath Patil and other people who wanted to contribute for this.

Following are the names of the first committee members of “Naigaon Salanga Parisar Sarvajanik Ganeshostav Mandal” –
Seth Govardhandas Gokuldas Morarji, Jairamseth Dayal Dosa, Keshavrao Ganpatrao Shinde, Moreshwar Bhaurao Thakur, Vishwanath Dhondu Kambale, Ramchandra Sakharam Gujar, Ganpat Subhana Pardhi, Babu Ganu Ghag, Shivram Vitthal Ghg, Balkrushna Vitthal Kamat, Mahadev Ramchandra Pawar (MLA), Damodar Pandurang Thakur, Santuram Dhonddev Raje, Ganehsmal Vanechand Bhora, Sakharam Yashvant Mahapadi, Dadaji Namdev Patil, Dhondu Nana Patil, P.C. Raje, K.K Gorakshakar, S.V. Navalkar, Bhikaji Sripat Jadhav, Krushnrao Bhikaji Nalavde, C. V. Navalkar, Arjunrao ganpatrao Mahadik, Dhaktu Rambhau Mahapadi, Ramchandra Gopinath Patil, V.N. Vedak (Lawyer- BALLB)

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Mr. Morarji started Ganesh Utsav with these members and received good response from citizens and especially from young crowd which was expected. The festival had to celebrate annually which was the big challenge for the committee to continue it with full success and the problem arrived in 1939 when the Mandal was about to stop their work. That time Mr. Mahadev Ramchandra Pawar gathered young people around and celebrated the festival successfully. Mr. Manohar Bhimsen Shedge contributed their 22 years of life by creating beautiful idols of lord ganesha for mandal. The list of people is so huge, who have dedicated their life for this festival and mandal that our words are not enough for that.

The Mandal was not only dedicated to lord Ganesha but through this festival they were also building the cultural and traditional environment around people through which people are coming together and sharing good thoughts. They arrange many programs like Kirtan, Bhanjan and competition for children’s like Aarti and Shlok Pathan. These programs not only provide cultural support but also they provide some educational background. There are many other good things were there which the mandal used to do for people.

In 1954 the Mandal celebrated their 25th Anniversary in Marathi called as “Roipya Mahotsavi Varsh” with full of joy and happiness and addition to their activities for people and the head was Mr. Ramchandra Dhondu Kamble. They arranged stage programs for entertainment of people.

In 1980, on their 50th anniversary called as “Suvarn Mahotsavi Varsh” the mandal celebrated the biggest festival ever under the guidance of Mr. Vinayak Jagushte and their committee members. They have made one big golden temple for lord ganesha by Raghuvir Talashilkar and the murti (statue) was created by Mr. Arjun Chavan. Many film stars and celebrities visited madal to see the beautiful decoration and murti. One famous film shooting was done for artist Jayashree T. in this golden mandir made for ganesh. This year the mandal has extended the ganesh visarajan till Dasshera.

To continue this celebration in 2004 one more fantastic year for the Naigaon Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandal Mr. Sharad Sakpal head of the mandal celebrated the festival with shine. On this 75th anniversary i.e. “Amrut Mahotsavi Varsh” they continued the traditions of mandal with proud. Mr. Sharad Sakpal was started cultural activities like “Kirtan”, “Phugadi” etc. by completion of 50 years

Really wanted to mention here some of the interesting moments related to mandal. In 1967 the name of mandal has got changed from “Naigaon Sarvajanik Mandal” to “Naigaon Salanga Parisar Sarvajanik Ganeshostav Mandal”. Since from the beginning only the mandal is helping to the other small groups and mandir’s the other groups were starts dissolving under this mandal happily, hence they changed their names as sanlagn means together. The mandal is helping to some local mandirs like Hanuman Mandir near mandal which is very important place for the mandal because they have established ganesh murti for the first time in this mandir only. Then there is Gaondevi mandir, Mahavir Hanuman Mandir, Kalimata Siddhivinayak Mandir, Sai Baba Mandir which has got help from mandal in their need. Nowadays the because of the popularity of mandal and the lord ganesha the murti or mandal is called as Naigoveshwer.

Last year in 2012 the madal has celebrated their 83rd anniversary under the guidance of committee members Anil Sakpal, Sandeep Narvekar, Rajeev Jathar, Shashikant Ghadase. This year i.e. 2013 the active members are Sanjay Jathar, Ulhas Shigvan, Suraj Gaikwad.

We will pray to lord ganesha that to keep the people and their work shine as ever.


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