About Maza Morya

In Hindu Religion “Ganesha” is the most beloved idol amongst all gods & goddesses. Ganesha is a son of Mata Parvati & Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesha is invoked at the beginning of every Puja as Gananayak and Vighna-nashak. The “Bappa” for all the children’s is the most worshipped god in Hindu religion.

To show our love and devotion to Bappa this is the tiniest effort we are taking through Maza Morya.

Since ancient times Brahmins used to bring small Ganesh idols at home on Ganesh Chaturthi and then for next 10 days till Anant Chaturdashi (a Hindu calendar tithi) the festival was celebrated with Pooja, Aartis, and Bappa’s favourite Modakas. During India’s war against British – East Indian Company, Indian leader “Bal Gangadhar Tilak” saw the needs to unite the people more and realised nothing can bond people together more than the beloved god “Ganpati Bappa”, for this Lokmanya Tilak started “Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav” which is the most popularised festival till today.

Taking a small step to follow the tradition Maza Morya allows all the devotees to save their Bappa’s pictures on this site. Currently, we have total 240+ Bappa’s on our website including Gharguti and Sarvajanik mandals. There are Bappa lovers who use this platform from America, Dubai, Singapore and Canada to view Bapp’s Pictures.

Every year we are leaping with interviews of different Murtikars who put their souls in making these beautiful Ganesh idols, adding Maghi Ganesh Utsav. There are many more we wish to provide in future to all Bappa lovers. Through this support from Bappa & his devotees this year Maza Morya adding new initiative of providing social media background to Dhol Tasha Pathak who fills musical joy in this festival.

It is our pleasure to see all this support from Bappa lovers to take this initiative ahead, and we request you to continue this by sending us pictures of any Household or Sarvajanik Bappa. You can also send us information about Dhol Tasha Pathak’s. We are also available on Facebook and Instagram.