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The most happening and densely populated town in the central suburb of Mumbai is Dombivali. The city where Marathi Culture is rooted so deeply that it reflects in every personality living at this place. Inheriting the cultural footprints, the current youth has brought back one of the musical element of culture which was a soul of every Hindu or Maharashtrian festival, i.e., DHOL-TASHA. The words DHOL-TASHA together brings joy and energy in the mind of the listener as it is referred for the two musical instruments which have been playing together create a beautiful, energetic flashy music.

Aarambh Pratishthan / Dhol Tasha Pathak belongs to Dombivali which was found in 2012.

In the beginning, there were only 22 people gathered together to start this beautiful group, wherein now in 2018 there are total 150 members who are playing their hearts out with DHOL’s & TASHA’s for Aarambh Pratishthan. Especially to note here is that there are 60 female members who play for this group.

Aarambh has been formed with the purpose of nourishing our Marathi culture and enduring the musical traditions in today’s updating world. We hope that our music beats will reach to every youth who will take this legacy ahead for the future generations.

We play for events like Gudi-Padava, Shiv Jayanti, Navratri (Visarjan), Diwali Pahat, programs in schools and colleges, corporate events, etc. Currently, the group is doing regular practices in the ground of Shri Mhasoba Temple near Govvali village in Dombivali. While practicing the group members follow strict rules and disciplines like, on time presence, smoking or any obsessions are prohibited, and they also take special care for the safety of the female members during and post practices, etc.

Rewards & Recognitions

  • Aarambh was the winner of 1st prize in Garjana – Thane,  Radio City – Chembur, Ganesh Mandir Sansthan – Dombivali, Ganesh Mandir Sansthan – Dombivali and Sat Rasta Ganesh Utsav Mandal – Bhyculla competitions
  • In 2014, some of the members of Aarambh also performed in a Live In concert with the “Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” musicians.
  • In 2017, Aarambh was the first dhol-tasha group in Dombivali who celebrated Marathi New Year “Gudi Padva” by playing 101 dhols collectively.
  • In January 2018 Arambh members also made arrangements for the state level “TALSANGRAM” competition.

Active Participation

Participation in Dipotsav organized on Shiv Jayanti. To support the social causes, Aarambh has also taken an initiative of the programs like Women Empowerment and Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan.

Upcoming Events

Ganesh Utsav (2018), TALSANGRAM Dhol Tasha Competition 2019

Intents of some Female members from Aarambh Pratishthan/Aarambh Dhol-Tasha Pathak:

  • There was a time when girls were locked under different societal burdens, but now we can see them advancing almost in all spheres. Since the time of “Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj” – Dhol Tasha is our tradition, and during recent years it has become trendy and especially the participation of girls in this. There are still some foolish people who treat girls unequally but we all girls play and enjoy dhol-tasha alongside boys with similar energy. Not only Dhol-Tasha but girls are also experts in ancient Marathá games like Talvarbaji and Dandpatta. We are not just proud of selves for keeping our traditions alive but also playing dhols equally beside boys in today’s world.
  • Dhol-Tasha is not only a music play for us, but we have linked to this Marathi tradition since birth. While playing for the group, we are also learning teamwork, coordination and management, confidence building and many more. Regards and many thanks to all those groups who are giving this opportunity to all the girls to live their dreams and mainly to consider us as a human being while taking the traditions ahead in this advancing world.
  • It was a moment of sheer joy when I first time saw boys and girls playing Dhol-Tasha. The way the members were indulged in playing, those music beats, that environment was attracting each every person around. To keep our traditions alive in current time, playing Dhol-Tasha beats and enjoying the Dhol beats is incomparable with the cool music. It is an entirely different experience and proud moment.

Currently, there are total 12 members who are managing entire activities for the group:

Nishant Chavan (Head – 98205 05248), Rushikesh Pathak (Secretary – 98208 23248, Shrikant Ghogare (Treasurer – 98196 84841), Harshad Patil (Member): 80971 35315, Prathmesh Pawar (Member): 84199 55432, Kedar Mokal (Member): 89768 62969, Vinaya Nishad (Member), Manasi Vayangankar (Member), Rushikesh Joshi (Member), Ameya Shinde (Member), Kiran Shirke (Member), Rajesh Bauche (Member)

Official social Media Pages of Pathak

For more details you can reach them on below-mentioned contacts:

Nishant Chavan – 98205 05248 (Head),  Rushikesh Pathak – 98208 23248 (Secretary), Gmail: aarambha244@gmail.com

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